Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big Jimmy Turgeon

I'm still in the throes of painting and cleaning the old house to get ready for sale. It's pure drudge work, but that doesn't bother me. The thing that bothers me, is while doing all this I get ideas. Ideas for characters, stories, novels, plots, settings -- that I can't do anything about.

My latest idea hit me while I was two feet up on a ladder trying to cut in a ceiling corner.

Big Jimmy Turgeon.

He came to me all at once, -- looks, personality, backstory, character arc, storyline.  BLAM. Like an explosion in my head.

Big Jimmy then showed me the rest of the characters in the story. But not just any story. A story that is not like anything I've ever written before. I like this idea that I don't have to follow a format, genre guidelines, beginning, middle, end. I like the idea that it doesn't need to have a happy ending. I like the idea it could be written from several points of view, some of them even 2nd person (which I never do) and some from first (which I hardly ever do).

Essentially it's a book of short stories, each chapter being its own. Yes, this has been done before, but never by me so it's kind of exciting.

When will I begin work on it? Only God knows. I have put down titles of chapters in a file, along with the title of the book, even found a cover picture to go along with it. As to the actual writing time? It's anybody's guess, perhaps September. Maybe October. I wish I could say now.

But I have to finish painting first.

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