Thursday, July 26, 2012

What's Going On

I forget sometimes, that this blog is an author blog. And I'm supposed to be talking about what I do as a writer, than what's going on either on the writing blogs or for the "business" end of things. If I have a fan base, I'd like to let them read what I'm working on next, rather than the same old they can find other places.

I had an idea the other day, a good one I thought, for a companion piece to go along with REMEMBERING YOU. It was from Tony's Point of View (POV) considering he never had a say in the novel. However, in doing some research on my Piedmont Writer blog, I uncovered some character sketches for REMEMBERING YOU that could also be worked into something. Something that might be called a "player's list". I don't know what else you could call it. Certainly not a short story. There's no story. It's more of an autobiographical take from the other characters POV on what happens when Genna comes home.

I'm still thinking about what to do with it.

I've been steadily churning out pages for my historical novella. But that's for another post on another blog.

I've also been thinking of "Kate". See a writer has to think (well, this writer anyway) about what and who she wants to write about before she actually does any writing. I've had Kate in my hard drive for about two years now. She's a good character, but with building my Regency line, I've let other work fall by the wayside. I think I'm ready to tackle this project.

Kate is a woman who's been taking care of her ill mother for the last 10 years or so and when her mother finally dies, Kate is left wondering what is to become of her. You'd think that would be easy for her. She's finally free of her dreary day-to-day existance. But you know what, it's not so easy. Her family (brothers and sisters) are making demands on her that Kate really doesn't know how to deal with. As the baby of the family, she feels they have the right to tell her what to do and she should listen. But then, what about Kate's right? She's a free-thinking human being. An adult, who's never been able to have a life until now. So what does she do?

Well, first of all, she goes to Martha's Vineyard. and that's as far as the story has gotten. I know she meets a man while she's there. I also know, he's not her family's choice of man for her.

Choices, I think is going to be the theme of this book. The same as with Genna in REMEMBERING YOU. But with Genna her choice revolved around her family. With Kate, I think the choice will revolve around her.

I'm not sure when this book will be published. I'm not sure when it will even be finished. But it's there, on my hard drive, waiting for me.

So that's what's going on.


Roland D. Yeomans said...

A wise man, certainly not me, once wrote that we are the sum of our choices. Each one only a brushstroke on the canvas of our soul, but enough dark ones can turn our portrait into something very ugly.

Sounds like you are onto something, Anne.

Robynne Rand said...

Thanks Roland. I hope so. We'll see how it goes, for me and for Kate.