Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Move

As you know I've been moving. Well, I have moved, now I'm cleaning and painting, which leaves little time for writing.

One thing I've found through this adventure is all my old writing. Yes, all of it. Starting way back from 1975. Yes, I have been writing for that long. Not that it is any good mind you, but still, it counts toward my million words doesn't it.

When I lived at the beach I moved every six months so everything would have to be neatly tucked away into boxes and bins. Now, that I finally have a house that's big enough to accomodate my entire life, I've been rearranging said life into compartments. I never really knew how organized I actually am. I always thought I was in chaos, but come to find out I'm not.

I have all my high school stuff in one box, my college in another, my Nevada life, my contemporary romances, and then my historicals all neatly categorized in folders now, with little tabs, color coded and everything.

As I was sorting I read a few pages here and there. Not really good. I had no idea what I was doing back then. BUT I have to say, what I did like, and what I feel I am really good at is dialogue.

Yeah, I got a thing for verbal human interaction. So that was good to find out. I mean, I kind of knew it, but now I know it. You know.

Anyway, the old adage "practice makes perfect" is pretty spot on I think.

Tell me -- what are you good at?

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J. B. Chicoine said...

I'm actually fairly organized--I pretty much know where my stuff is in each heap! :)