Thursday, January 14, 2016


The Towers, Narragansett, Rhode Island
I've been writing like a maniac on the murder mystery detective series. So far I have three novellas and two separate halves of novellas written. I find I'm enjoying learning how to kill people. Although, I have a funny feeling, my research is going to get me a visit from the men in black.

It's nice having an in-person editor. We met for chai lattes on Monday and completely rewrote the ending to the second story. Back to the way I was originally going to write it. I should have listened to my gut, but the shiny new ending had me in its claws. I couldn't turn away. So, today/tonight I am going to fix it.

Each novella is a vignette of the detective's life. Basically, every time he finds a dead body. As they say in the writing world, depending on who you talk to, there are really only 12 great plots. And as I'm finding, there are really only 10 ways to kill people and almost get away with it. I keep seeing the end not too far in sight. Seriously, I'm hoping by the end of June. I'd like to have them all finished. Not necessarily published, but at least first draft finished.

I've also been working on finding pictures for my  characters and I think they're dynamite. I found certain pics for certain scenes. Places in Narragansett I can ascribe to Nannaquonsett and Rhode Island. It's fun going home even if I'm 900 miles away.

I've also seriously thought a lot a lot a lot about a newsletter. I really like the idea of short fiction and I had an idea of working the pot-smoking psychic's POV into 3,000 words and send it out to newsletter subscribers. I've pretty much got the whole thing in my head. Now I have to get that down on paper too. Well, the screen.

I'm excited about using Pinterest as a storyboard. I have one set up for my romantic women's fiction. And another for my Regency romances. I'll let you know when I start to post. I'm also rethinking if I need to have a separate blog, maybe a landing page for the new material. Create a whole new persona. Again rethinking. Blogs are a lot of work to maintain. I don't think I would maintain it though.

I gave two friends at school the paperback copies of WOMEN OF A CERTAIN DEMOGRAPHIC.
Both said they loved it. Melodi said, "I hate the mother. She's just like mine." And Debbie said, "I love Steve. He's such a perfect man. I knew a guy like him once." It made me feel good that I can write books my friends like. And can identify with. Lara said the same thing. She likes my characters and invests her time reading about them because she knows she won't be disappointed. What she also said was that she was so invested in the reading that she forgot she was editing. So there's a huge compliment. Go me!

In the Regency series however, I'm afraid that's still under development. I had a brainstorm the other night and decided to rework the main character. I have to give him a purpose, and he didn't have one until I had this crazy idea. A little more thinking, a little more writing, a little more writing.

It seems I set myself up pretty well for this winter. I'm doing what I love to do. It beats housework, that's for sure.

Robynne Rand (c) 2016


Liza said...

Glad to hear your are working on all these new projects! Wishing you lots of good writing through them all...

Robynne Rand said...

Liza -- Thanks. I forget where I am when I write. It's good for me to be distracted.