Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Move

Geez, you would think now that I've begun a brand new blog I would keep on top of posting. I did say I would post only on Thursday, and here it is, Thursday. 

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I apologize. But I've been busy this morning. I've been up since six, worked on an article for RFW, was supposed to work on the end pages for RY to add in the first chapter of SECRETS ON THE BEACH, but my back started to hurt from this durn chair. I decided to go upstairs and start packing instead.

We're moving. Tomorrow. Or starting to move, tommorow. I hate moving. I'm a Taurus and hate change. BUT, the house we're moving to has 1800 more square feet. I get my own office, two fireplaces, a real living room, a real dining room and Monster has her own playroom. YAY! No more sharing between us.

The cat knows something is going on and has been twitching her tail all day. The dogs are following me from room to room, outside with the laundry, back inside. I can hear their little yips, "Where are you going now? What are you doing with those boxes? Are we coming too?"

Truthfully, when we first moved down here to NC, I thought this was going to be our, if not "forever" home,  our home until at least Monster graduated from high school. But the house a door down from my parents became available so it seemed the best thing to do. They're getting older, my father's been in and out of illness for the last couple of years, my mother is slowing down, her eyesight is getting worse. It's just the right thing to do.

So, amidst the boxes and dust, newspapers and bubble wrap, my life is changing again. It's funny that five and a half years ago I didn't know what the future held. Had no clue. Was living day to day waiting for something to happen to me. And now here I am, a writer, with a paycheck, moving upward and forward.

Truthfully, I won't miss this house. I'll miss the soybean fields I stare out at from my office windows. I'll miss the deer who come to feed every morning . I'll miss the trees in the back yard because they support my three clothes lines. But I won't miss the house. It wasn't the right house for me and Monster. My father always said that. But it's served its purpose.

I do not know if I'll have the computer up and running or not next week. At this point it's anyone's guess. I have to have phone lines set up in the office at the new house. Let's pray for an easy peasy lemon squeazy installation.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll see you when I do.


Anne R. Allen said...

Oh, my. Starting a new blog, new nom de plume, and moving at the same time? People are going to think you're a superwoman, Robynne!

Robynne Rand said...

Not Superwoman Anne, just insane woman!